Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Caribbean Casa

And speaking of beach chill pill destinations, a trip to Isla always fills that bill! We spent our first 11 glorious nights on Isla in June at Caribbean Casa on Juarez.

I took a lot of photos of the views from both Isladise and Sonrisa while we were staying in the casa, but none of my interior pics are as good as those in the owners' slideshow.  Click here to view!

The upper unit, Isladise, has three terraces, providing phenomenal water, island, and sunrise/sunset views.

These glass doors in the upper level master suite open to the front terrace with loungers and a dipping pool.  I loved sitting in the dipping pool with the camera taking photos of the bayside views.

Snorkelers at the lighthouse in the bay.

Sunset over the bay.

The car ferry and Ultramar ferry passing at sunset.

Last light over the bay.  That's the Navy base in the foreground, which is located across the street from Caribbean Casa.  They're very quiet neighbors, and the big perk is that the Navy store is just a few steps south on Juarez.  Stocking up has never been that easy!

Some of the best views on the island are through this window in the master shower.  Several days, I jumped out of the shower to get my camera so I could snap photos of the car ferry passing below in the bay.

The terraces on the Caribe side of the casa also have amazing views.

The frigates hover and circle Caribbean Casa in the late afternoon.  I got lucky our first evening and snapped this photo of a frigate passing the moon.

One particular afternoon, the frigates reminded me of Hitchcock's famous movie The Birds.

The terrace off the downstairs living area at Isladise is a great place to relax on a hot summer afternoon.   It's also a great place to people watch since a lot of locals use the malecon below to walk to and from town.

And then there are the sunrise views from Caribbean Casa!

The neighborhood also makes for easy quick access to restaurants and El Centro.  La Lomita and Victor's Cuban restaurant are both just a quick stroll down Juarez, and both have great food.  

Looking down Juarez from the neighborhood at sunset.

We don't have plans for our next trip to Isla yet, but I'd stay at Caribbean Casa again in a heartbeat!  It's easy walking distance to everything in El Centro, so cabs aren't required.  And the setting and views are so peaceful.

I think I need to start watching airfares again!


Jane H. said...

Wow Beck, spectacular photos and commentary as usual.

Lynda said...

Beautiful! You have a very good eye for photos, Becky. Cheers L

Sue said...

Great photos, as always. Caribbean Casa is simply gorgeous, who wouldn't want to stay there?

Nancy said...

Even though I might have seen some of these pictures before I was shocked at the beauty once again. Wow Becky, just gorgeous. That one of the frigate in front of the moon, wow! And I never see such beautiful sunsets when I'm on Isla. Someone told me once the summer sunsets are more spectacular than those in the winter.

Janet said...

Beautiful pictures Becky. We really want to stay at Caribbean Casa sometime. Booked airfare for March. Had been watching it, and got an alert it had gone down by several hundred dollars. Jumped on it, and in 3 days it went up $300. per ticket! Crazy!!

Ann said...

I love the sunset with the sun partially covered & the frigate with the moon! Those 2 are definitely right place at the right time photos! Looks like a great spot!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone! Janet, good for you! We're kind of in limbo right now mulling our next beach venue, but I'm sure we'll be back soon!