Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Child Left Behind

(Or maybe not.)

I feel like SUCH a bad mother!  I did a bad bad thing.  There they were, eerily gazing out at me from the top of a box buried at the back of a guest bedroom closet where they'd been collecting dust all these years. 

We were all shocked because they'd supposedly been kidnapped back in the late 80's when my parents' car was jacked on their way to visit us in Seattle.  Well-meaning mom and dad were going to surprise me by bringing me all my childhood dolls, including the Barbie collection.  (We also found the police report for the stolen car fiasco buried in the desk drawer in the same bedroom.)  I'm guessing their true sentiment was to clear all that crap from their closets because I'm waiting for my son to land in one place so I can do a drive by on him someday!

Poor Betsy Wetsy.  She's the one in the striped frock.  She was my favorite because she actually DID something.  You poured water into her mouth (or gave her a bottle) and it came out the other end.  I preferred a large funnel for the solid stream effect.

When I was bored and bugging her, my mother would tell me to go play with my dolls.  I'd wander to my room and stare at them, feeling guilty because I really had no interest.  I worried because I didn't feel any love for those dollies.   Was I missing the maternal chip?

So farewell Betsy, wee lass, I hardly knew ya.  I'm not even sure I gave the doll that appears to be waving goodbye a name.  Guess she had a premonition she'd be left on the shelf!


Ann said...

So reminds me of cleaning out my Mom's & Aunt's places last year! Still working on it--brought a bunch of stuff home "to go through later" and later hasn't come yet!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, we didn't have the luxury of bringing much home. We downsized from our Pilot in May and with Saby onboard, we have very little cargo space. We basically had to rip through it all in a 4 day period and make the tough decisions. I'm still bringing home a lot. Now I'm going to start cleaning drawers and closets in my house. Seeing all that scared us straight!

Ann said...

I think that's what it did for both me & my brother--I have been weeding alot of stuff out! When we got married 26 years ago Alan was already in the house so when I moved in much of my things went straight to the attic!

krisla said...

Hilarious; but those dolls are a bit eerie looking.
Didn't see the Barbie. They may have some value. I gave my original to a cousin, never to see it again.
Have fun finding more stuff! -k

Chris said...
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