Friday, July 20, 2012

Route 66 Kitsch

Don't mean to slam my home state, but what Kansas lacks is kitsch!  It's just a little utilitarian, especially Western Kansas.  The lone prairie.  Craig said I should label this photo -- not as bad as it looks in winter.

I'll admit I'm occasionally surprised.  I made Craig swing a U-turn when I saw this house near the Kansas/Oklahoma border. 

I snapped a few more photos of kitsch when we stopped in Tucumcari, New Mexico for gas.  Tucumcari's known for its strip of retro motels and motor courts along historic Route 66.

 Some look clean and restored.

While others are crumbling and abandoned.

Any gimmick to draw attention!

South of the border sombrero architecture.

Dewayne's car!

After a night in Albuquerque, I clicked my heels and we're home again.  Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore!  On the last leg, we stopped at the old Yelllowhorse Trading Post.

This tourist trap lies on the border between New Mexico and Arizona.

They feature a perpetual Everything Must Go/Store Wide Clearance sale.

Teepee art.

I always think of my dad when we pass these places.  We used to beg him to pull the car over with the excuse that we needed to use the bathroom facilities.  I made Craig stop so I could snap a few photos.

After all, Saby needed a water break!


Ann said...

Great shots! Love those places along route 66 ! Nothing like thisaround here!

Jana said...

I love the Blue Swallow! And the teepee is awesome. I think Dewayne is probably the stud muffin around town. In fact, there is probably a 'Dewayne Suite' at the Blue Swallow.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, these Route 66 towns are like a crumbling museum from the mid-1900's. Retro, but I'm not sure how the motels stay in business. Jana, bet Dewayne sings the Dewop. He was probably in the lobby behind the desk, but I didn't go in. LOL