Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Kitsch Tour

Where am I?  We've actually been on the road for a few days now.  Saby's along for the ride, hanging her head out the window whenever we roll it down.  We didn't have the heart to leave her at home since the temps in Arizona usually run in the one-teen's this time of year and being boarded is way too stressful for her at age 14.

I'll let you guess where we're headed.  Maybe you've seen some of this kitsch before?   Here are some photo hints from Day 1.

Love this old Studebaker. 

I expected to see a plaque on this teepee that said Oprah Slept Here.

Maybe some of you will recognize the rock formations.

Or the roadside signs!

Saby spent much of Day 1 sitting up looking out the window.

She got pretty excited when we pulled up in front of this!  If only she could talk!

 More roadside scenery.  

 The state where we dined last night is known for its red chile sauce.  

Craig and I couldn't resist the chicken enchiladas.  He had his smothered in red chili sauce.  I chose the Christmas Combo -- one topped with green chili sauce and the other with red!

More postcards to come!


Ann said...

Thanks for sharing--love seeing new places ( to me) through your eyes!

drgeo said...

What if we viewed the trip from Sabe's viewpoint?

Donna said...

So did Saby have to wait in the car while you had those wonderful looking enchiladas?

Life's a Beach! said...

Donna, Saby got to stay in the luxurious hotel room (the kind that allows canines). We were in the middle of a bad storm in New Mexico, so we figured she'd be less scared in the hotel with the television masking the sound of the wind and rain.

drgeo, Saby's always loved a good roadtrip. She refuses to sleep because she might miss a cow sighting!

Thanks Ann! I saw the cutest photo tonight that got away -- a tiny old airstream trailer trimmed in hot pink being used to sell Gypsy Ices. Dang it!