Sunday, March 18, 2012

Technical Difficulties and Fruit

I've been having a number of technical difficulties this week.  First of all, my laptop crashed.  Fortunately, I saw it coming and I think hope all my photo files saved to my external hard drive.  I still had my Belize photos on a flash drive, so at least there's that!

Next on the list -- I'm like a bird with a broken wing.  Getting out of bed on Thursday, I pulled a muscle in my upper back, so it hurts to use my right arm with the laptop (actually, that would be Craig's laptop, which I'm trying to convince him to share).

Last, but certainly not least, we have the little seeing stars episode on Wednesday's hike in the Superstition Mountains.  If I hadn't been sitting on a rock, I would have gone down in a Tony Soprano-like flop.  I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow, and hopefully, the experts will figure it out.  But I don't think new hiking boots will make my Mother's Day wish list!

I think the solution to all my little woes would be to move to the tropics, soak my sore back/shoulder in the warm saltwater, ride my bike everywhere, and eat more fresh fruit and veggies!

Fresh fruits and veggies are abundant in Belize. 

You can't ride a bike far without spotting a new fruit and veggie stand.  I like the bright signage on this one!

I didn't step into Patricia's Boutique to investigate if she sells something else besides fruit and veggies, but how cute!  Love the palm trees painted around the window.

Another huge stand south of town.

Papayas -- my favorite!

A fruit/veggie rack replaces the candy rack at the checkout!

This man sells on a corner in San Pedro.

A little cart out front.

Caye Caulker fruit stand by the sea.  I noticed some shops on Caye Caulker have No Loitering signs. 
Maybe people touch too much and bruise, or maybe fruit disappears?  But I also noticed the sign in front of a small grocery store.  Hmmmmm.


Ann said...

That's the remedy I would go for! I've been doing yard work the last 2 days & my whole body aches!

drgeo said...

When you see your doc remind her how therapeutic it would be if she prescribed massages to help regulate your "seeing stars" blood pressure.

Just took delivery of a new iPad and it came with a 2 year warranty-- even against drops! SquareTrade will insure any brand of tablet-- or new laptop.

Life's a Beach! said...

Good info on the iPad drgeo! I see one in Craig's future (so I can comandeer this laptop). I have my own theory about the Tony Soprano flop episode, but it's probably best to see a doctor rather than self-diagnose. (That's a joke.)

Ann, I've started making plans for June, but airfare's not cooperating! Watch out for that gardening. It's a knee-killer!

Linda said...

I hope everything is OK when you go to the Doc!

Yes, a retirement home in the tropics would definitely help matters!!! :-)


Life's a Beach! said...

Linda, good news! My doc said there's no way it was my heart. I'm still going to go for a Doppler on my carotids, but I requested that because of my family history. Could have been my blood pressure pills, dehydration, or the classic Tony Soprano panic attack.