Monday, March 26, 2012

The Clothesline Review

Once again, we revisit the clothesline fetish.  Ambergris Caye was full of them, so snagging photos wasn't difficult. 

A clothesline, kayak, and floatie on Beach Street down the sand road from our hotel.  

This house has it's clothesline and political flags on the front balcony.  An election was approaching and the blue and white flags were for the PUP -- People's United Party.


I love this clothesline right above the real estate shop!

 Master Lee's clothesline above the shop in downtown San Pedro.  There were lots of clotheslines in downtown San Pedro.

These people are missing a clotheslines, so they've figured out how to hang clothes off the security bars on the windows.  They're very brave people because I took this photo in San Pedro in the late afternoon during Carnaval when the kids in town were running up and down the streets throwing paint.  Wonder if these clothes were decorated with little painted handprints?

 This one's a cheater.  A vendor on Caye Caulker was selling beach toys and towels by way of the clothesline.

Typical Belizean clapboard house with the wood shuttered windows, tin roof, and colorful clothesline in the side yard!

One major difference between Ambergris Caye and Isla Mujeres related to laundry.  We only found one laundry in San Pedro.  We had to have missed some, but lavanderias seemed scarce.  The hotel's laundry service for guests seemed pricey at $15 U.S. a load, so we decided the two mile walk to Nellie's Laundromat in San Pedro was worth it.  Laundry at Nellie's was $5 U.S. a load (really not a bad price), and they were very busy! 


Ann said...

$15.00 a load is pricey--I don't think you pay that much here at home. We usually do ours once on Isla & it's pretty reasonable! We do have a clothesline & do wash out some stuff ourselves.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I think it still runs 40 to 50pesos a load on Isla, but we did our own stuff in November/December in the magic washer/drier that didn't actually dry. We hung stuff on hangers all over the apartment, or hung it on the roof. $15 a load was enough to make me walk a few miles and go back and pick it up. We did have the hotel staff do a load at the second resort where we stayed since it was $10 a load. I thought that was reasonable since it was about 3 miles farther out than the first hotel. Not to mention a cab ride to town, according to other guests, was $12 per person each way. The water taxi to town was $20 round trip, so transportation's a bit pricey on that island.

Jana said...

PUP Party! LOL! When I first went to Isla, I kept seeing signs in store and restaurant windows that said 'PAN' inside a circle with a line thru it (NO PAN) I kept thinking 'What? No bread? Are they out of bread or are they against it for some reason??' Then I found out that PAN is a political party. Hahaha! Low Carb Party?

Life's a Beach! said...

Jana, I thought PUP was pretty funny too. And PAN still cracks me up. The bread party.

Lynda said...

Great pics again Becky. I thought I was a bit weird taking so many photos of clothesline! You win the trophy on that subject!!
Give the newest version of Picassa (through Goggle) a try for editing photos. Free, has lots of variety in the newest version of 'tweaks' for photos. Cheers Lynda

Life's a Beach! said...

Lynda, I love your profile pic! LOL Google bought Picnik, so I wonder if it's been consolidated into Picasa? I'm checking it out right now!