Friday, March 23, 2012

Tales from the Trail

My current stress started with the desire to de-stress.  Actually, I think I just wanted another story for the blog!

After our successful hike the week before in the San Tans, we decided to bite off a little bit more before the snakes come out.  So we headed to the Superstitions.  The plan was just a little 4 1/2 mile hike with about a 1,000 foot elevation gain that would take us back into a basin area behind the mountain below.

But you know what they say about best laid plans.

 Lots of fellow hikers were headed up the trail that morning. 

Everything was just fine with no huffing and puffing, but I really need to learn to listen to that little voice in my head.  My inclination was to just slap the little man upside the head and tell him to shut up because we were there, and by God I was not turning back!  After all, we paid $7 for parking!

I snapped this photo after the lights came back on.  This was the view from the rock where I managed to flop just in time.    Craig said we sat there for about 20 minutes while I waited for my little drama to pass, but I really don't think it was that long.  But I did notice two groups of hikers who stopped to inquire if everything was alright. I guess a woman with her head between her knees must be a dead giveaway.  (Perhaps that's a poor choice of words.)

After my semi-speedy recovery, I was able to head back down the mountain and walk out of there in fine form.  I snapped a few photos on the way.

The classic Arizona scene.

Since I felt fine shortly after turning around to head down the trail, we decided to stop at Rex's junk emporium a few miles down the road.  It looked so inviting?  Rex was quite the character with his waxed handlebar mustache and missing teeth.  As Craig says, you meet some unusual folks in this area.

After Rex realized we'd been hiking, he proceeded to lecture me on proper post rattlesnake bite procedure. Be sure to pick up the snake that bit you and take it with you!  Since I can't even look at a photo of a rattlesnake without getting the heebie jeebies, I'm sure I'd be all over that one!  He suggested putting it in the trunk. He said you don't need to worry about picking it up because -- in his words -- it's already shot its wad.  Alrighty there!  I guess that's a reason to always hike with Craig or a girl named Buck because I'm not picking up any rattlesnakes!  And in case you've never heard the reasoning, it's not to help clear the trail for future hikers.  If you take the snake, the doctors know exactly how to treat the bite.  Just remember -- take the snake.

Rex's pile of junk.  (I bet there might be a rattlesnake in there somewhere?)


 Does a bear $$## in the woods?  Guess not since he's standing in front of the outhouse!

We considered stopping for some broasted chicken and live music, but I think this place was closed.  (About 30 years ago.)

Just another day in this paradise we call Arizona!  (Seriously, I'd rather be on a beach!)


Ann said...

You always have such eventful days! I love the typical Arizona photos--so different from here!

Life's a Beach! said...

This whole event got put to bed today. The doctor called at noon and my carotids are normal. Woo hoooo!

krisla said...

ha ha, so cute; what a fun story with the snakes & fun fots. I have seen those Superstition Mts from my brother's home in Mesa. They look intimidating! I'm not sure I'd hike!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, as far as I'm concerned, once snakes are out along with the Africanized bee warnings to hikers, I'll just hike the city trails!