Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Random Tubac Photos

After visiting San Xavier Mission on Thursday, my friend Judy and I headed south to Tubac, Arizona.  The town was established in 1752 as a Spanish presidio, the first Spanish colonial garrison in what is now Arizona.  In addition to all the old adobe homes and historic sites, Tubac's an artist colony with lots of places to shop for original art, talavera, antiques, imported handicrafts, and all kinds of treasures.  After lunch we spent a few hours browsing.

I'll admit that I had a certain prejudice against chihuahuas as a kid which stemmed from my great aunt's little Martini, but they've grown on me.   I really like these talavera chihuahuas.

My favorite Tubac gate.

A cute little window with talavera frogs and lizards.

Mosaic skull.

The kitty on the right looks like she's suddenly realized the coyotes next door are a little too close for comfort!

Tubac Tin Men

The price on this vintage wicker trunk was quite fabulous.  Otherwise, I would have been tempted to take it home!

Vinyl tablecloths.

Love these colorful talavera sun faces.

Howdy pardner!

I've been coveting this Coca-Cola table for years, probably because it reminds me of the vintage  Coca-Cola card tables I see in Mexico.

After a few hours of shopping, we were off to the next stop on our road trip -- Tumacacori National Historic Park.  To be continued!


drgeo said...

I'm hoping one day your car's dashboard will have a button that reads: Video ON

Life's a Beach! said...

God knows if my car had one on the dashboard, it wouldn't work and it would cost $500 to fix. LOL! But seriously, there was never a dull moment on that trip!

Anonymous said...

I love the pottery - but even more than that I love the tablecloths. I did a very quick web search and found nothing that looked like those. Would LOVE to have access to them not only for me but for family too.