Saturday, February 18, 2012

Belizean Boot Camp

Just for the record, we didn't take the water taxi to Caye Caulker yesterday like we'd planned.  We seem to be in an insane routine that mimics one of those boot camp classes.  Our days have consisted of long morning walks and bike rides, then walks in and out of town for lunch and dinner. 

Once again yesterday, we walked into town (a little over a mile) for breakfast.  After splitting fruit and a breakfast burrito, we decided bikes would be the best way to explore since my feet were absolutely barking from the 8 miles or more of walking the day before.

We decided to head north again on the beach path because it's like nothing I've seen on any other island.  It winds its way north right at water's edge in between the sea and all the high end homes and condo developments.

After picking up bikes at Joe's, we pedaled over the bridge and headed down an access path to the beach.

These signs dot the beaches all over the island.  Ambergris Caye appears to be succeeding with preservation!

These chairs belong to one of the gorgeous homes at water's edge.

A little bit of yard/beach art!

A pink beach cottage.

Fishing cabin out over the water.

Caution!  Duck for low hanging palms!

A boat with a Rasta paint job!

After riding up past Captain Morgan's Casino Resort, we doubled back to the Palapa Bar for lunch.  I'll do a separate post later, but for readers who frequent Isla Mujeres, the bar might seem a tad familiar.  I seem to remember a certain conversation with a bar owner on Isla about a funky Key West style palapa bar on Ambergris Caye being the inspiration for their business on Isla Mujeres? (Or maybe I dreamed that conversation because I've been known to do that.)

Does it look familiar at all?

One difference would be that the Palapa Bar sits on a dock out over the water, so the drinking and dining views are spectacular!

 While we were waiting on our blue cheese burger and fries, a manta cruised by the bar.

And if you'd rather float while you drink, that option is available!

We'll be staying a short distance north next week, so we'll work our way through the menu and report back! After our burger and fries, we pedaled back south on the path, over the bridge, and back into San Pedro to return the bikes.  

Now that's my kind of morning  boot camp!  : ) 


Ann said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip! That's great!

Linda said...

WOW!!! The clarity of the water is amazing!!!