Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Streets of Isla

I'm happy to report the root canal worked and life is good!   I'm trying to wrap up posting photos from our November/December trip before I switch to a new beach destination next week.  Here are some glimpses of life on the streets of Isla Mujeres.

This photo is actually one from a February 2007 trip.  Headed into El Centro one morning towards the square, I just happened upon the Navy marching in formation towards the zocalo for a ceremony.  Very serendipitous!

Looking north on Juarez on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Sombrero man making a phone call.  They still have phone booths in Mexico.  I haven't noticed one in the U.S. for a long time.

A Saturday procession in early December.

A December Sunday afternoon by the French Bistro.

Coco cart on Hidalgo.

Blue trike meets blue Bug.

Basket man headed up Juarez after a long day on the beach. 

This is not an everyday occurrence on the streets of Isla Mujeres.  The caballeros were on the island for the bullfight.

Dr. Simi strolling down Juarez.

Late afternoon headed towards the docks.


Allan Baxter said...

Beautiful as always!

Janet said...

Loved the pictures Becky, can just feel, smell and see Isla!

Ann said...

Looking at these photos I realized I haven't seen the basket man at all on the beach. Great ones!

krisla said...

Skeletons, Sailors & Mariachi...yeah!
fun stuff... love the photos! -k

Tom in NH said...

Great pics-Hope you enjoy Belize as much as we did. We stayed in Hopkins Village when it only had about 400 residents. Also,
probably the only time you'll ever be able to take a ride on 'The Hummingbird Highway' one of the main roads in the country.

Nancy said...

What a great little preview of what you can see on the streets of Isla.
I'm planning to try that little restaurant on Juarez in your second picture. Has anyone here ever eaten there?