Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weird Words That Start With H

2011 looks like it may turn out to be the Summer of the Haboob here in Phoenix. We were sitting at a friend's house out in Pebblecreek last night having dinner when we saw an old old man across the street stumble out of his house in a pair of baggy suit pants pulled up just below his chest with no shirt. He looked around for quite awhile, up and down the street, and all that time the dinner party was practically rolling on the floor. I can't really explain why. He looked like a stereotypical retirement community cartoon character. I also think it was comic relief because the crystal ball was in front of us and God forbid we were looking at our future!

From our position, we noticed some wind and dirt, but didn't realize the extent of it. On the way back into Phoenix on I-10, we quickly realized we'd missed a big event from the amount of dirt still in the atmosphere. The old man must have heard about the gigantic haboob on the news and emerged from his house to try and get a glimpse of it! The above is a news photo taken from Sky Harbor Airport.

In regards to weird words that start with an h, we ran into another one last week on our trip to Mount Lemon. Who knew there are hoodoos! Actually, I did know that because we've lived and traveled in mountain areas, but it's a cool word. And, there were lots of hoodoos on the drive up to the 8000 foot top of Mount Lemon!

Craig and I played Name that Hoodoo! Can you spot the seated Mama Bear in her hat in the photo below? And I think that's Bullwinkle in the next seat over!

Mr. Platypus?

Hoodoos are fun, but I am so over haboobs for this year! I'm not sure what the haboob looked like out here in our end of town, but the pool was full of debri when we got home. It's going to be another fun cleanup day!

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Hoodo that voodo that you do so well?