Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homing Radar

Craig says I was born with built in homing radar for strange rangers and antiques. On our way through Tucson on Thursday, I suddenly looked up and yelled Turn here! I'd spotted two antique stores just off the main thoroughfare that led us from the interstate to the Catalina Highway (which took us to that mountain). I love these little unplanned stops!

Seashells! There was a huge display at the front of the store on an old pine sideboard, but I didn't have the nerve to line up a photo in front of the owners. Some dealers get paranoid that other dealers are there to steal their display ideas.

The first store, Antiques Etc., had an entire room of religious artifacts that appeared to be from old missions. How does that work? Does an old mission just go out of business and have a liquidation sale? Don't know, but this Jack Baptist is just mesmerized by those Catholic antiquities!

The second store had a large outdoor area. I love love love a big pile of garden junk! I found some little vintage metal stakes for labeling plants, a colorful old book on tropical fish, and a little wooden starch box with advertising.

Back to my original subject -- that built in homing device! I also honed in on a pack of strange rangers on this trip. Or they honed in on me? Not sure.

They were seated next to us at lunch on the mountain deck. A family of mom, pop, and two adultish boys all styled in some form of Goth wear. All making very loud conversation so everyone in the restaurant could eavesdrop. The woman kept worrying about those little birds flying around that feeder in front of their table. Uhhhh -- hummingbirds? Actually, with her dark burgundy plume of hair on top her head, maybe she was right to be concerned? At one point, they all turned cameras on each other in unison and played like they were filming each other eating. (And yes, some of their mouths were gaping open as they chewed.) Then they all roared with laughter. The father kept saying he wouldn't want to be in one of those little chairs across the road. Uhhhh -- that's a ski lift? Craig and I were both mesmerized by the impromptu Saturday Night Live skit!

Oh just stop Becky! I haven't had my pill today. I get so mean when I haven't had my pill!


MD in Texas said...

Creepy people!!!

And from your other post, I cannot believe your pool was 86! Ours is 94 and unbearable. Mark is rigging a sump pump to our pool chiller to flow directly into the spa only. It's too humid to cool the entire pool - just won't work. Hoping his handyman job works for this evening!

Babs said...

You are a we used to say in Texas. I hope our paths cross some day, the laughter will be loud, I'm afraid........and the conversation will go on......for a long time!

Jana said...

What a weird family. LOL. Not too much in the brains department, but a lot of fun to watch.

Life's a Beach! said...

Donna, I actually like it when it's up around 90, but that's probably because of the dry air factor here. Any little bit of breeze and you freeze your arse off getting out of the pool! I'm beginning to wonder if we might have a leak somewhere and the pool is cooler because more fresh water's being pumped into it? Send Mark over!

Babs, you and I would have a blast! One of these days we'll get to San Miguel!

Jana, they were a sight to behold! But seriously, how many adults can't identify a hummingbird? Craig and I were mesmerized by them.