Friday, July 1, 2011

M & J's Cazuela Continued

We hadn't eaten at M & J's for a few years, but when Freddy at the Soggy Peso mentioned the photo gallery with vintage photos of Isla on their walls, Craig and I knew we had to check it out! We'd passed by their new location several times on our way to eat at the market, but never made the turn. Let me say I am truly impressed! They did a beautiful job with the decor of their new place!

Love the bright cheery colors -- yellows, terra cottas, and blues! The only thing missing at M & J's new restaurant is Pedro. I talked to him on the beach several times this trip. I wish he was still there to wait on us.

We sat down on the lovely breezy patio out front. It's a great location to people watch. Lots of people lamented the loss of their location at the Rocamar, but it was often too windy there to eat outdoors in the cooler months, and the indoor dining room was cramped with little air circulation. Since the outdoor porch is mostly covered, diners are even protected from the rain!

Craig chose one of the cazuelas. I can't remember which one, but it was good!

I ordered the mushroom and ham omelet with their wonderful potatoes! Notice the new dinnerware that matches their decor.

Isla has so many great breakfast choices, and M & J's is definitely one of them!


Ann said...

Didn't make it there this time, but great food! It was either Barlitos or Pinguino's for us this trip!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, we mostly ate breakfast at Barlito's this trip, with an added dash of Bally Hoo, the market, and M & J's. Barlito's is the frontrunner! Wish I could buy Brad's cinnamon rolls locally!

Anonymous said...

I love M&J's cazuelas. I asked Critter once if he knew how they were made and he said he did but couldn't tell me because Julie and her husband were friends. Have to get back to figure it out!


Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanne, wish I had the recipe!