Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Usual Suspects

One of the repeated themes in the Isla news lately seems to be complaints from store owners, taxi drivers, tour operators, etc... about other people stealing their customers. It's a common refrain since business has been slow. Several times I've read demands from store owners wanting the local government to crack down on beach vendors because they claim it's ruining the business in their shops. Many of the same people have been walking the beach for the 10 years we've been visiting Isla, so I can't imagine what they'd do if their livelihood was taken away. I'm guessing nothing will come of all the complaints, so not to worry. I'm betting the same familiar faces will still be there on our next trip!

It doesn't matter if you're sitting here

or sitting there, the same people pass daily.

Basket Man carries the heaviest load. They're so beautiful, but not very practical for those traveling by plane.

I love the way these girls layer their Guatemalan handicrafts about their bodies to display their wares.

Pareos anyone?

A few trips I've missed Maria, but she was back on the beach in June.

A song for you today?

I'm not sure I'd recognize this woman without the pareo draped over her head.

This little boy's not selling anything. He just provided constant entertainment with his antics. His favorite game was having mom bury him in the sand.

Till we meet again!


Ann said...

On this past trip I went with a few people over to Hortensia's. While we were there, one of the people from the inside stalls came out & complained to a couple of the girls that Hortensia "stole" her customers--1st time I'd ever heard that! I usually go in back & look, but most of the stalls are too crammed full of stuff!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I think they're all suffering and the worst comes out. I noticed a number of vendors were really rude this year when I'd walk past on the street. I guess it's the frustration, but rude doesn't sell.

Anonymous said...

Rude doesn't sell for sure! When I get back to Isla - hopefully next year - Hortensia will be one of the first people I go see. Such a sweet lady! I have quite a few of her things!