Thursday, July 28, 2011

Real Fishermen . . .

fish in their underwear?

Okay, this is one of those photos where you have to look carefully. I played like I was taking a picture of a pelican, but actually -- the subject is in the panga.

Craig and I noticed a strange trend from our table at Bally Hoo one day. Some fishermen evidently prefer to fish in their tighty whities! We witnessed two boats arriving in a short period of time with a fisherman in his B.V.D.'s. I didn't photograph the other guy because he was wearing the equivalent of black Calvin's and quite proud of the package. (Craig thought he was storing his fishing tackle in there!)

Could it be a matter of las diferencias culturales? Maybe they want to feel free on the sea? Or maybe they just don't want to mess up a clean pair of pants!

Craig accused me of wanting to lunch at Bally Hoo everyday. Hmmmmm. I did sample quite a bit of their menu! : )


Anonymous said...

Could he have been swimming while out in the boat?

Ann said...

That's so funny! I guess they could have been swimming, but usually they are in more clothes that you'd expect!

hogfamily said...

When Michelle and I retire we want to be just like you and Craig!