Monday, April 5, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Easy Pasta Salad

I'm truly bored with my standard lunch fare -- BLT's and pimento cheese sandwiches. Tonight I decided a change was in order. I've had a huge box of tri-colored rotini pasta from Costco since last year, so I decided to ditch the daily sandwich and make some quick pasta salad for lunch this week. This recipe is so easy!

Tri-colored rotini pasta
Chopped sundried tomatoes
1 diced red pepper
4 chopped green onions
Small can black olives
Ken's Light Caesar Viniagrette
Grated parmesan cheese

As you can see, I wing it on the amounts. Measure out about 3 medium scoops of rotini into a boiling pot. After rinsing the cooked rotini in cool water, combine with chopped sundried tomatoes, diced red pepper, green onions, and sliced black olives. Add the light Caesar dressing to taste. Just before serving (or packing), add the grated parmesan cheese.

I think I'm looking foward to work on Monday so I can eat this for lunch! : )

Note to self: Don't forget the fork!


Jamqueen said...

Looks great--lunch is the worst meal for me--i don't think about it til it's almost tooo late & then end up eating junk! This would be quick & easy!

Life's a Beach! said...

I usually don't eat lunch like that when I'm home, but I get so hungry at work in the morning. It must be just sitting there on my rear! HA! Actually, I think it's because I can't graze.

Vee said...

That looks yummy, Beck. I'm always starving in the morning at work, too. Like right now...

Sue said...

I love pasta salad, I make mine with green onion, celery, green pepper, black pepper, and mayo. I don't add salt because the mayo makes it salty enough. When I have that salad in the fridge I can't wait for mealtime either. Sometimes I just have to sneak a forkfull beforehand.