Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

The weather was stellar this weekend, so we decided to make a Sunday trip to Joe's Farm Grill. As you can tell, we're creatures of habit! We both had a craving for the Grilled Wasabi Ahi Sandwich.

It was a dog day afternoon with temps in the mid-80's. People were gathered around at the outdoor picnic tables. At one table, the dogs outnumbered people! I wondered for a few minutes if there was some kind of special for people who brought their dogs!

The line was halfway out to the parking lot when we arrived. Craig, being the nice guy he is, waited in the line while I claimed a table. By the time he got our order in, 45 minutes had passed. He was beat!

But the Ahi sandwiches and fries were worth the wait!

I suppose if a person didn't eat those fries with the grilled ahi sandwich, it would be a healthy meal! (But they mysteriously disappeared from both baskets!)


Jamqueen said...

Looks yummy!

jeanie said...

I'm craving tuna now! I love that you can take Saby there and she has friends too!

Sue said...

Funny how that happens with fries!!