Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lay 'em and Leave 'em!

Another installment in the Taffy and Daffy story. They're all grown up now, but unfortunately, the two critters are novices set afloat in the big wild. While other ducks in the neighborhood lay their eggs off in the shrubs and sit on them until the ducklings hatch, poor Taffy keeps laying eggs at the lake's edge and abandoning them. Taff and Daff just don't have the sense God gave the proverbial goose!

They're missing the bird common sense chip. They come from a long line of domesticated ducks used to being shepherded through life. Big White Daffy's frequently seen chasing a mallard hen through the water and around the shore. And Taffy evidently has no idea what's happening to her. Every few days, we see a couple of her large white eggs at the water's edge. By the next day, the eggs are gone only to be eaten or crushed by predators with the remains scattered about the area.

There were two more at the lake's edge this morning. Neighborhood kids even made a plywood sign telling people NOT to bother the eggs, but I don't think the cats and coyotes can read!

I don't think we'll be seeing any little white ducklings this year!


jeanie said...

Thanks for the update on Daffy and Taffy. I was just telling Frank about them a few days ago (of course he thinks we're both nutbsrs but I wear my half of that bar with pride)

Moongrl722 said...

Some creatures really weren't meant to procreate. I know several who should just stay out of the genepool. LOL. Taffy and Daffy are awfully cute, tho!!

Life's a Beach! said...

We're amazed Taffy and Daffy have made it this long. They hang out by the street waiting for people to come throw bread at them. Jana hit the nail on the head!!! HA!