Friday, May 1, 2015

Some Boats, Somewhere

I'm sure most of you can guess my favorite somewhere!

These yellow and blue Ultramar ferries bring us to Somewhere.

The car ferry in the distance departs as a snorkeling panga approaches the dock.

My favorite boats are the small simple pangas locals use to earn their living.  This seems like a good name for a boat!

Coca-Cola time on the Shirley.

A little Spanish lesson.  Tiburon Ballena = Whale Shark.

My favorite panga pic from this trip.

The pirate ship passes the Posada del Mar beach.  Aaargh.

Bally Hoo's a great place to sit and watch pangas dock and unload.

I finally googled Barrabas because the name eluded me.

Tour boat departing the docks behind Bally Hoo.

If you're still around at sunset, I love watching the fishing captains park their boats in the slips.  This guy makes it look so easy.  

A family arriving at sunset.

The car ferry passing the Posada beach.

As a footnote, it's a little ironic that I love taking photos of boats.  My first trip to the tropics, I got motion sickness floating on an air mattress off Waikiki.  A rough boat ride can knock me flat for days, so I don't take daytrips to Contoy, whale shark tours, etc...  On our last trip, I was so nauseated after the rough ferry ride, Craig brought home carryout for dinner.  Years ago, I refused to take the rough ferry ride off the island when a storm was approaching and got caught in a Cat 2 hurricane.

Pretty to look at, but I'll skip the ride!


Lynda Lock said...

Great pics, Becky. Boats are one of my favourite things to photograph & to ride in/on. Also like your 100 Days of Happiness pics. Cheers L&L

Jackie Oliver said...

Growing up, we had a boat, and I spent all of my free time on it. I used to go do my homework on the boat, and then as soon as I was done, my dad and I would go out for a ride. I would love to get a little fishing boat now, so that I could still go for rides. I'm sure my husband and kids would love it!