Saturday, May 30, 2015

Same Time Last Year

Where were you and what were you doing on May 30, 2014?  I have no special powers, but I remember exactly where I was.  (I've got files!)

We started the day on Isla Mujeres with a walk from Luna Turquesa to Barlito for some brunch.

Along the way, we encountered the Tuggui man making his long daily walk into El Centro.

We always step around this little dog in Salina Chica.  Don't linger because someone doesn't like attention.

I photographed this beautiful little shrine along the way.

She bought a nice plant and this young guy was making his morning rounds selling juice?  (or tortillas?)  

I stopped to say hola to the guys at Kash Keken Chuc.  They were preparing for a busy day!

Looks like a painter's advertisement to me!

Local tacqueria.

They sell ice!

At Barlito, the ladies were having a brunch for breast cancer.

The day that started with a walk  

Ended with fish at Muelle 7 (muelle = dock).


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