Monday, May 18, 2015

More Grab Bag Pics

Maybe I already posted this one, but it's my fave photo from May 2014.  

Sometimes I stump myself.  I'm guessing this guy stands out Sac Bajo way?

This truck looks cartoonish.  I'd like to take the ape for a spin!

I've failed the hip and cool test.  I thought Kokonuts closed years ago.  

This has to be Miguel's front porch.

Tree of Lost Souls?

Once again I'm stumped, but I'm thinking Mogagua?

I water walked this morning, lunched with friends, trimmed shrubs, ate leftover pizza for dinner, took a walk, saw a large coiled rattlesnake in the road, and watched three more episodes of Grace and Frankie (check it out on Netflix for laughs). Just one more of  #100HappyDays

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