Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lost Files

I hit the mother lode this morning.  I was looking for a photo of my cousin and I celebrating our birthdays together at my grandmother's house with a big clown cake.  Yesterday was my 60th and it's always a reminder now that Jon's birthdays ended abruptly in 2006.  He would have been 56 yesterday. 

Jon was born on my fourth birthday after a big party in the city park.  Another boy broke his arm going down the slippery slide (aptly named) that night, so a good time was had by all! 

Jon's premature death in 2006 taught me two things.  Gather those rosebuds while you still can, and there's nothing worse in this world for a parent than losing a child.

On that sad note, seas the day.  (I spelled that wrong on purpose.  You know . . .  seas and beaches go together?)  My 60th birthday gift to myself this year will be a return trip to Isla Mujeres in mid-November.

Anyway, while hunting that childhood birthday photo, I  stumbled across a huge number of lost edited Isla photos from our last trip in April.  If I ration them, maybe these will keep the blog going until my return to paradise next month!

Today's theme is seeing red!

Big sunrise from Luna Turquesa.
Mystery sombrero man!  (No clue where this came from, but I like it!)
Shrine on an Isla side street in El Centro.
An Oscar's pizza!  Can't wait for my next one!
I'd love to ride on the front of a maletero's trike someday.  It's on my bucket list!

Stop signs can sometimes be meaningless on Isla.  This one needs some paint!
Time to stop seeing red so I can get to my water aerobics class!  Hasta luego.  Can't wait to be in turquoise water instead of an indoor pool!


Ann said...

Always nice to find stuff you didn't know was missing! We head to Isla 3 months from today & can't wait for this trip! Both of us need it!

Life's a Beach! said...

I just realized how fast the clock is ticking down. I've got so much to get done around here before we leave. I'd better get on it!