Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day!

It's a beautiful day and the main reason for that would be we are no longer people of the dirt.  Our landscaping is now completed.  I'll show more photos later, but it's fantastic to sit on a patio after being mired in dirt since August 7.

Yesterday we drove to Oracle to eat at a little café where we've seen lots of cars parked out front.  My dad always counted cars when we were traveling around the U.S.  That was his universal sign for good food. 

 I took a look at the menu board out front and thought he might have been right.

How many dives serve Mac and Cheese with Truffles and Blueberry with Goat Cheese Pie?

                                  I ordered the prosciutto/tomato/mozzarella quiche with fruit,

And Craig polished off a chicken club panini with cucumber salad.
I was dying to try the blueberry/goat cheese pie, but just couldn't justify the calories.  I told our waitress someday I'll stop by the Oracle Patio Café and have pie for lunch!
Afterwards, we browsed the local antique shop.  Should I buy the horse as a centerpiece for our new landscaping?
Hi -O Silver golfers!
Or maybe a large flower for the courtyard out front?
Stay tuned for tales from the courtyard . . .  .  The beer garden is now open!


Janet said...

It looks lovely Becky. Congratulations on finishing up with the landscaping! Looking forward to future pictures.

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Nice view from that lovely new patio! Your lunch looked and sounded divine. We'll have to check that restaurant out the next time we're through Tucson!

Life's a Beach! said...

Lynda, we really need to meet for lunch when you're in Tucson! Thanks Janet. There's still some pickup work to be done. We're missing some plants and some pavers need to be replaced, but we love having it done so we can enjoy the outside spaces now!