Thursday, October 31, 2013

She was a daytripper . . .

The last six months has been a journey.  Sometimes I feel the need to get out of what I call the compound and hit the open road!

Wednesday, the only free day last week between the two of us, we headed to one of our fave Arizona destinations -- Bisbee!  It's only a little over two hours from our new home north of Tucson.

Some of my friends new to Arizona keep asking me how I'd describe Bisbee.  An avant-garde oasis in the mountains of Southern Arizona that bloomed from an almost abandoned mining town?  Here's a photo tour of Bisbee last week.

Looking down the main street towards B Hill.

Bar in Brewery Gulch.

Splashes of street art.

An area I call the outdoor living room had been refurbished since our stay in July 2012.

I wonder if this is a shrine?

With the crispy fall nights, the leaves are changing!

This Katrina shopping bag was tempting!

Tablecloths on the line.

Bisbee's Copper Miner.

Thad's car?  Love the peace symbol!

My favorite shop for jewelry supplies was closed.  I'd forgotten many of the shops are shut on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.  Now we have to go back!  I'm trying to convince Craig to spend a night or two in December so I can see the holiday lights.

A wall dressed up with jack-o-lanterns.  Happy Halloween!


Lynda & Lawrie said...

Great photos as always Becky. We drove through Bisbee in 1989, loved it. We stopped for lunch and a cold beverage or two. Wish we had stayed longer.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Lynda! Love Bisbee, but looking forward to Isla!

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Your photos and unique effects are marvelous and imaginative! Bisbee is a great day trip when we're hanging out in Benson.