Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just Breathe . . .

A few days ago, I realized this panicked jolt I feel at least once a day is stress.  In some ways, this past year has been like Queen Elizabeth's annus horribilis.  When I add it all up -- melanoma, the dental implant, getting our house ready to sell, Saby's death, the buyer from hell, moving (the gift that keeps on giving -- ha!) -- I'd have to say this year's been a bitch.  But then again, we love our new location and new life, so struggle's just another stop on the road to Happyville.

Several weeks ago, I decided to grab some normal and establish a daily routine.  I started water aerobics and Zumba classes instead of spending everyday trying to check another item off the to do list.  Who cares if the closets  and garage are still stacked with c.r.a.p.!

Craig's totally immersed in golf, pickle ball, and making new friends, so I was shocked when he mentioned tonight that he cannot wait for our November trip to Isla Mujeres!  I'm usually the one dying to get back to the island.

I posted this YouTube video on a Facebook Islaholics page today and thought I'd share it here.  It's one of my favorites dating back to November 2011 when we spent a full month on the island.

Ahhhhhh.  I feel better already!

I guess I should get that Best Day shuttle booked!


Ann said...

We are finally past the 3 month mark so I think I can start a count down! Lots going on between now & then though! Can't wait--it's been a tough year here too with lots of aches & pains!

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

I'd say you have lots of reasons for anxiety considering what all's been going on...whew! Glad you're taking time for yourself and Isla will be soon!

Anonymous said...

Little less than two months for me but I get to stay three weeks at Christmas. I'll appreciate it more when it gets here. One year I got to visit 5 times but this year only two.But the weather has been mild and its usually the cold days of winter I miss Isla most. Love the VIDEO!! Helen

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. The photos are fabulous. I live in Ajijic and my memories of Isla are special. Thanks for sharing your adventures.