Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everyday Isla

Wish I could just beam up all my stuff and land it in the new house.  This has to be our last move because I don't think I can pack it all up and move it again.  Every day is busy now.

This morning I had an appointment for the dental implant.  I actually grew too much bone which the periodontist said is good but rare, so it took a little drilling to prep it for the upcoming crown.  Next came lunch and another trip to Walmart for more boxes and packing materials.  Tonight the antique dealer arrives to start pricing the collection of antiques I've been hoarding and need to unload.  The train leaves the station in another two weeks and we need to be ready to jump on!

I decided to fill a little bit of free time with photo editing of some April Isla Mujeres scenes.  My mind right now is disjointed, so here's a very random grouping of more pics from the island.

Friday night cerveza line.

Doggie door?

 Roof surfing.

Two-beer door.

Got gas?

Close neighbors.

Speedy delivery by maletero.

Busy afternoon on the road to Playa Norte.

Mexican style Bimbo.

Tuggi man headed to El Centro from the colonias.

Tortilla delivery man.

Now back to packing before I take a dip in the pool.  My current mantra -- two more weeks . . . two more weeks.  I'm trying to forget I'll have to unpack all this stuff on the other end.


Lynda & Lawrie said...

Hi Beck - you need to purge! It is good for the soul. When we moved to Isla we had one rule. If it didn't fit in the car we couldn't keep it. Purge! Cheers L

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Here's to disjointed minds producing great photos. So glad to hear your sales transactions are winding down and you'll soon be settled in your new digs!

Life's a Beach! said...

Lynda and Lawrie, it's freeing even if I just ditch half of it! My new mantra is less is more.

Lynda, I'm about half packed. The estate sale is two weeks from today. We're supposed to have record heat this weekend, in the 117 and up range. It's 99 here at 8:30 p.m., 86 in the new neighborhood. Can't wait!

Scott Siman said...

NIce pics!