Thursday, June 13, 2013

Driving the Back Road

We're hunting for diversions to get us out of the house.  I think the old saying a watched pot never boils might apply.  We need to find ways to pass the time while we wait for this house to sell so we can get on down the road.

A few weeks ago on a Monday morning, we took the back road down to check out what we hope will be our next home.  We got up early, put a quick polish on the house just in case, and headed straight south on the two lane road that cuts through Indian reservation land. The map showed the route was almost 15 miles shorter and possibly more interesting than I-10.

Not far south, I made Craig stop so I could take a photo of  this Catholic Church on reservation land.

Instead of bypassing Florence, we drove through the historic district in the old downtown area.  That's the Pinal County Courthouse clocktower.

Love this old blue flower pot filled with rocks (copper?) hanging by the old blue door on the historic casa below.


 The Cosgrove House was built in 1878 with adobe bricks.  

This old brick building also has an old blue door.  I hope the dentist's office within has more modern equipment than the exterior.

Cacti are now in bloom.  We flew by all the beautiful saguaros with their gorgeous white blooms, but I did manage to get a photo of this prickly pear.  Lovely to look at, but not to hold!  These things have tiny little stickers that latch on to your skin.  I learned that the hard way once when I bent over a pot at a local nursery.  We were both ripping clothes off back in the car trying to keep the stickers from embedding into our skin.  I spent hours with the tweezers after I got home.  Note to self -- don't plant prickly pears! 

Craig was happily anticipating a BBQ lunch at Bubb's Grub after our meeting with the construction superintendent, but Bubb closes on Monday.  I have a feeling our next meeting won't be on a Monday!

Instead we decided to explore more future neighborhood dining options.  We stopped at Carlota's for salsa, chips, and taco salads.

On the way home, not too far south of Chandler, we drove into a dreaded dirt storm. I got the immediate headache.  I'm not looking forward to monsoon season.  The air's actually much cleaner where we're moving with fewer dirt storms (haboobs) since most of them form in areas like the above just to the south of Phoenix where the desert crust has been plowed up for farmland.

The real estate market seems to have really picked up this past week.  We're pooped from the spit and polish routine with showings on 7 of the last 8 days.  Last night we were getting ready to put steaks and corn on the grill when the phone rang.  Thirty minutes till show time!  Yikes!

The vacuum cleaner is torched from overuse and Craig's dying to throw away the lawn mower.  No more grass.  Ever!  Fingers and toes crossed.  Can't wait to get past this!


Ann said...

Hope it sells soon! At least you seem to have quite a few showing, I know it's a pain, but maybe one of them will buy!

drgeo said...

Last time our place was on the market, I had to be very firm when telling our agent I expected due dilligence: buyers must have financing approved, and nobody who subscribes to the "build a real estate empire by buying for $1" need apply. I noticed realtors got all their friend-realtors to schedule showings, just so they could brag about how many feet they dragged through the door. Each buyer should have feedback for you.. And your selling agent should have a marketing plan you like...and a backup too!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, hopefully something will come of the increased traffic. drgeo, our realtor does all that and screens anyone who calls her. She even tells agents there's no need to show it to a buyer not in our price range. There seem to be a lot of cash buyers in our area now. Not sure why. We've already had one cash offer. (Just not willing to give up enough of their cash -- LOL.)