Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eat, Work, Eat

What do we do all day now?  We get up early, take the morning bike ride before it heats up into the 100's, and then we work keeping the museum ready for the infrequent showing.  Yes, supposedly houses are selling like hotcakes in the Phoenix area, but not so much in our price range.  This could be a long haul.

After all that work, we seek the easy diversion. Why mess up that clean kitchen when lunch is extremely easy on the wallet around here?

 Mexican's one of our favorites!

When we move, we're going to miss our local neighborhood Mexican joint -- Casa Blanca.  That's my favorite above -- the ground beef tostada with charro beans.

Tuesday is $1.50 fish taco day at Rubio's.  Now that's a cheap lunch!

Mandarin Chef's another close favorite.   We often split a carryout order in the evening, but they also have a great lunch special with egg drop soup, egg roll, and your choice of entree.

The one thing I find disturbing there is the placemat!  I'm a Snake!  I'll let you guess my birth year.  

Craig ordered egg foo yung with chicken and let me have a large bite.  Very tasty!

And here's my Kung Pao chicken.  Spicy!

Yesterday after a trip to IKEA to pick up an extra pillow and some placemats, we stopped off at our go to Italian joint in Tempe -- Rigatoni's!  That place is packed at lunch, but we managed to beat the crowd.  The lunch special starts with their signature salad and bread.

And comes with the pasta dish of your choice.  We both ordered the Baked Rigatoni with Italian Sausage.  OMG!

Hmmmmm.  It's Thursday.  It's 8:41 a.m.  What's for lunch?


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Drooling here...

drgeo said...

Welcome to a new decade, kid! You will enjoy leaving behind all your childhood fears and anxieties! And if anyone catches you misbehaving, just say "Oh, I forgot!"

Life's a Beach! said...

Hey, I still got 5 months until that new decade! LOL Peter, pizza at San Tan Brewery last night. We ate it so quickly, I forgot to take a photo!

Babs said...

A family house went on the market 8 days ago in Kingwood - a suburb just north of Houston near Intercontinental airport. Sold after a bidding war for more then full price. Good luck with yours!
Woo hoo.

Where are you going when your house sells?

Life's a Beach! said...

Babs, we've bought a home north of Tucson. The area's at 3500 feet below Mt. Lemon, so 10 degrees cooler and the air is much cleaner than Phoenix. The market seems to have picked up this last week with four showings in the last five days. Prices have risen dramatically this past year, but still not back to what we bought at in 2006. We lucked out when we sold our house in Seattle at the highpoint with a bidding war, so we don't feel too bad losing some on this one. Time for a change!