Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Little Rerun

The current hurricane has given me a few flashbacks about my little encounter a few years ago. I'm hoping Rina turns out much like Ida -- a fizzler. Best wishes to my favorite little island. I'm extremely impressed with the efficiency of this new administration and all the organization and prep that's taking place. Let's just hope it was all for naught and this Bad Girl turns out to be a non-event.

Here's the link. I look back on this now and ponder -- what the HELL was I thinking!


krisla said...

wow--so interesting! almost the same time of year, and same category of storm, just 2 years ago. We'll see how Rina turns out--my husband luckily got there Tues, in time to get plywood up on the windows tonight! Hope it holds :) -kris

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, looks like this one is now a tropical storm. Thank God! Actually, that one was a tropical storm and then ramped up to a Cat 2during the night before it passed. So hotels didn't board up. They did shut the ferry down the day before. I was scheduled to be on a flight that was leaving at the same time the eye was scheduled to pass. I bet on the fact that my plane would not land, much less take off in a hurricane. Guess what? It landed and took off. I was able to get rescheduled for free because I could prove the ferry was not running to get me to the airport. I got a couple of extra days on the island, so it wasn't all bad. Fingers crossed that this one does no damage!

Sue said...

Oh, how many times I've looked back and had the same thought - what the hell WAS I thinking?