Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cwaffee Talk

I almost got a little verklempt this morning when my two-year old Oster blender died. Nothing like the sound of a screeching blender with stripped gears to brighten up a morning. Another one bites the dust! We've lived here five years, and I think we've now killed three blenders.

Here's something amazing. I just inserted our latest blender pitcher into a 37-year old blender base (it was called an Osterizer then) and it worked! Like a charm! Unfortunately, that old blender base is faded harvest gold, so it won't grace my countertop for long. They don't make blenders like they used to, or maybe the reason that one lasted until I couldn't stand looking at it anymore was because we weren't manufacturing two frappucinnos every morning in our kitchen for 25 years! I'm a little embarrassed to admit I still have our first blender. I guess I'll still keep it since it's now a collector's item. 70's retro!

And before I forget, I did a post a few years ago on my morning frappe. I use a French Vanilla Cappuccino base from Sam's and add coffee, sugar free Torani syrups from World Market, and ice. On our recent trip to Florida, we got hooked on Starbuck's lite salted caramel frappes. Back home, we tried experimenting with the sugar free caramel syrup and sea salt, and ended up with some nasty concoctions. Long story short, we were in World Market several weeks ago and they now carry the Torani salted caramel sugar free syrup. We now have the right combination for a close approximation of the Starbuck's drink.

Just a little morning cwaffe talk for any Starbuck's frappe lovers! And now, I'm off to buy another blender, preferably from Costco because if we kill the thing in a short period of time, they just replace it.


went coastal said...

I have become a big fan of Magic Bullet blenders since they have withstood guests and the corrosive salt air of the windward coast of Isla for ~six years...and they are so handy for individual portions. I really enjoy your pics! We had a great white egret/heron...I forget..the one on the Audubon Society logo...hanging out on a rock at our beach for a few days, but there was too much human activity for her...and her mate didn't seem to approve. She was very regal and tall. We call the egrets at the Salina "transformer birds" because they look small until they land and their necks and legs extend out into tall birds. It is neat to watch them hunt..their necks get "snakey" like a cobra going back & forth. Enjoy watching them from Luna T next month! I have a cheap Nokia E63 smart phone that is soo handy in Isla w its WIFi, translator, convertor, etc. I linked your blog on my Isla food blog...tho it isn't gettin much traffic yet.

Life's a Beach! said...

WC, we have a silly cheap imitation of the Magic Bullet that we've hauled on trips for years. We won't be staying at Luna T next month. Since it's a long trip, we're going a little cheaper and staying at Lol Beh in the colonias. But I bet we'll get back over there to cruise the beach for seaglass! I've seen the egrets on Salina Grande. We have them here in Arizona on our neighborhood lake. Sometimes, there's a fish kill on the lakes and huge numbers of them line up to eat their fill. Can't wait to be back on Isla in a month!