Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Trip Diary

Notes from the road of the photos not taken:

The casino billboard that advertises Tic-Tac-Toe with live chickens? What the heck!

The cutest old couple, I'm guessing early 80's, on a date at the Braum's in Guymon, Oklahoma. They were both eating their double dip waffle cones ($1.89). He had his arm around her beaming and she was snuggling with him.

The collision scene. Craig asked me this morning why I missed the perfect opportunity to take photos of the fender bender for the blog. Number one -- the woman who hit us and the police might not have appreciated it! And number two -- I didn't want to get myself killed by getting out of the car in the middle of a busy intersection.

Charlie's Bakery in the other Las Vegas (New Mexico) where we ate lunch today. We were expecting standard bakery/lunch fare with the typical sandwiches and salads. We ate fantastic homemade Mexican -- beef tacos, chicken enchiladas, and a steak/potato burrito enchilada style with pozole and beans. We left with a bag of iced sugar and chocolate chip cookies that were fully consumed by the time we arrived in Guymon.

Here are a few photos from the Santa Fe vicinity.


Ann said...

Sorry to hear about the accident! Glad there was no damage to your car & you are on your way again. It's a beautiful day here on Cape Cod--too bad I'll be inside most of the time!

drgeo said...

Hooray for Santa Fe! Last time we were there we checked out some Georgia O'keefe paintings and then told the LaFonda Hotel we were considering holding a conference there, and got a deluxe tour from the sales dept. The presidential suite has a huge veranda with views of the cathedral and mountains.

Anonymous said...

Am enjoying your trip report and photos! Those pot with the flowers in them are gorgeous!