Saturday, May 7, 2011


On the last leg of our roadtrip to Kansas City this week, we veered off the highway several times to see if there were any antique stores. We didn't find any antiques, but here's some photos from the road.

An old hitching post in Ellsworth, Kansas. (For all you city slickers, people tied their horses to these.)

An old stone home in Ellsworth, Kansas.

An old church.

We took a really long detour off I-70 looking for the Brookville Hotel in Brookville, Kansas where they used to serve fried chicken dinners. Call it a grease craving. It was gone! About an hour later in Abilene, Kansas as we were speeding by the exit, I noticed a new replica off I-70 where the Brookville Hotel was now serving their famous meals. By then, we were so over it and had decided to stop at Vista in Topeka where they serve the famous Vistaburgers. (But that's another story.) Anyway, there were still some other old buildings standing in the town, including the Brookville Mercantile above and an old hardware store below.

In Topeka, Kansas, we decided to veer off I-70 to look for our first home. We bought it in 1976 and sold in 1978 when we were transferred to Kansas City. It was still standing and looked much improved. We painted the house a little too bright of a yellow to cover an ugly redwood color. The house was still yellow, but a slightly mellower tone.

I guess you can go home again. (But you just can't go inside?)


drgeo said...

Yes it's amazing how a mere 35 years of sunsets can mellow your yellow!

jeanie said...

Awwwe Beck, That's a cute little house!

Jana said...

I love the little yellow house and the cute church!

The Star Gal said...

I'm a lucky girl. After my mom passed away 14 years ago, my dad decided to move in with my older sister. I just happened to be in need of a home, so I purchased the house I grew up in since I was 6. That was over 50 years ago....

It's a real blessing. :)

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone! It was really heartening seeing that the house looked even better than we left it!