Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh Praise the Mighty Jackalope!

Craig should be praised for his patience (actually, he sat in the car and read his book) because he knows any trip to New Mexico will include at least one stop at Jackalope. In fact, it could include two since there's another one right down the street from us here in Santa Fe. If I ever win the lottery, I vow to buy a summer home in New Mexico and furnish it will all my favorites finds at Jackalope!

And by the way, we're both feeling better tonight after a soak in the hot tub and a lot of ibuprofen. On our way back to the hotel this afternoon, we were rear-ended at a stoplight in Santa Fe. Fortunately, the hitch on the back of Craig's Pilot kept the sedan behind us from doing damage to the car, but the jolt jarred us from head to toe. But everything now is todo bien. The snow fell hard for awhile late this afternoon, but hopefully, we won't wake up to an accumulation. I guess there are worse things than getting stuck in Santa Fe!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your new heading with you in the car!!! LOL


Vee said...

I was about to post about your new header, too, Beck. Love it! Can't wait to see photos of Santa Fe. Such a gorgeous city.

Jana said...

Love your new ride, Girl! Also those things sticking out of the pot look like giant crab claws! Ahhh!!!

Anonymous said...

A very cool store! Santa Fe is one of the top places I want to visit.

Glad you and Craig are feeling better today!