Friday, May 27, 2011


Lazy like Saby? Well, not really lazy. I got up this morning and paid bills, cleaned, washed clothes, and now I'm ready for water aerobics. I guess what I mean is that Craig and I are settling into retirement and it feels like we're having too much fun? It must be some weird type of guilt kicking in.

Earlier this week, we took the roadtrip to Cottonwood and Jerome. Craig's into antique tools right now, so he's actually eager to follow me into antique stores. Old Town Cottonwood has a couple of really good antique malls, so we stopped by there on the way to Jerome.

Yesterday, I talked Craig into a movie. Bridesmaids. And we practically rolled in the aisle laughing. I'd describe it as the female answer to The Hangover. And by the way, on the way out of the theater, I saw two couples who appeared to be in their 80's coming out of The Hangover 2! It struck me funny at the time, but hopefully, when we're in our 80's, our raunchy senses of humor will still be intact.

Craig thinks we should reward ourselves for our (???) big house cleaning with a trip to Rigatoni's for a late lunch today. I guess I could handle that!

Maybe I can make an ordeal out of packing for the upcoming trip to Isla. Or I guess I could busy myself with cleaning out closets? Hmmmmmm. (I'll pass on the closets.)

P.S. Somebody's working around here! Craig just came in and told me to wait a little bit before I don the swimsuit and get in the pool. There's a Mexican guy up in the palo verde tree right behind our wall. He's thinning it out and we now have a perfect view of the San Tan mountains behind us! We'd been thinking about petitioning the HOA to have that done. It's a miracle! We didn't even have to fight with them!


Ann said...

Isn't retirement fun? Some weeks I feel like I'm doing way more than I ever did when I worked. Alan & craig would get along great--he collects antique tools too!

Jana said...

I'm pretty sure that if you got a part time job, it would keep you out of trouble AND you could make just enough money to take me to Isla with you. Just trying to be helpful. ;*P I'm sitting here at work so bored, I may implode.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I've actually been retired most of my life anyway, so I'm very accomplished at it! Sounds like Craig and Alan need to talk tools!

Jana, I feel your pain. That last project I took on did me in. It was TAKS. I will never do it again! Seriously!