Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny Sombrero

If only we'd bought the hat! When we saw these little Mexican sombreros with the grasshoppers attached, we immediately thought of Saby posed in her tiny sombrero. But the thought of dragging the tiny hat with the grasshopper on top to and from Yelapa on the boat and then back to Phoenix on the plane squashed the deal.

Everyday in Bucerias, the senor with the sombreros would park his car on Lazaro Cardenas and quickly convert his automobile into a hat shop on wheels. Then he'd pace back and forth with the large grasshopper poised for flight on top of his head making calls on his cell.

Ever seen a car used as a hat rack in the U.S.?


Ann said...

Maybe you can find one for her on Isla. I know you're leaving soon--send me a FB message & let me know where you are staying--hope to run into while we are there!

Life's a Beach! said...

Will do Ann!

Anonymous said...

Love the hats! And the hat man is a hoot!

Talked to my niece tonight - Sept. trip is on - 9/3-9/10 - now have to decide - Bucerias or Isla. Will be a hard decision!