Sunday, January 30, 2011

From the Porch

I finally found the sweetspot for the WiFi where I'm staying, so thought I'd do a quick update before I leave the island tomorrow. The weather has been especially fine the last few days. Friday, I spent a few hours at Playa del Sol eating guacamole and taking in the sights. The beach was fairly quiet, the service from Roger was great, and I didn't notice anyone at the Caribbean Queen. Am I missing something?

I'm not sure where I'll head today. I took my morning walk, bought orange juice, and now I'm doing some laundry. My camera wasn't charged when I left on my walk to Ronco, so I missed getting photos of the belching goat tied up in someone's sideyard and gates on a street I'd never walked before. I think I'll wander into town and get something for lunch at Bobo's since I've never tried it. Hope they're open on Sunday!

I apologize if I've already posted any of these photos. I'm a little A.D.D. sitting on the porch watching the island go by while my laundry dries and I gasp at all the gossip on the Isla board. I'm too distracted to check out my recent posts!

I have lots of photos I can't post because I'm so far behind on editing. Guess I can use my long travel day tomorrow to get that done! I should be back online with a little somethin' on Tuesday if I find time after I pick up Saby from Dog Bone Ranch.



drgeo said...

Have a safe flight! If your airport pat down gets strenuous, why not ask, " Will your gloves prevent you from getting psoriases?"

Jane said...

drgeo, I just love your silly sense of humor!

Happy trails Beck!

Anonymous said...

I'd love one of La Lomita's chili rellanoes right now - Great photos!