Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Quick La Cruz Tour

On our last day in Bucerias, we decided to continue our quest of checking out the surrounding area for future trips. In particular, I wanted to see La Cruz de Huanacaxtle since I'd almost rented a condo there. I'm glad we took the ride because we ruled La Cruz out as a future place to stay. We ended up scratching our heads feeling like we must have missed something after our walking tour of the town. And who knows! Maybe we did miss the quaint part of town! Stranger things have happened when I just try to wing it!

La Cruz was a quick trip from Bucerias. Literally, the longest part of the journey was walking up the dry riverbed that separates the two sides of Bucerias and waiting for the bus on the lateral in the vicinity of the Comex store. We knew the drill since we'd already ridden the bus to Sayulita a few days earlier. The bus we needed read Punta Mita on the front windshield, and it pulled up within a few minutes. Our bus driver had his own shrine on the dash.

We departed the bus on the highway in La Cruz, crossed the road, and walked down the hill towards the water. The focal point of the small village is the modern marina which has rows and rows of slips for large boats and small.

We walked along the concrete malecon that bordered the new marina until we reached the beach at the end of the walkway.

Here a row of pangas lined the deserted beach. In the distance, I saw the condo building I'd almost booked. When I was deciding where to stay in the area, the info I read listed La Cruz as a small Mexican fishing village, so I immediately thought Isla Mujeres! All I can say is that Craig and I were a little relieved that the La Cruz condo was booked and we ended up at the fab penthouse in the heart of Bucerias. La Cruz was just a little too sleepy!

After gazing down the deserted beach towards Bucerias, we hiked up the cobblestone road and found our way back towards the town zocalo we'd passed on our way to the marina. We noticed a few small restaurants, a small hotel, and some closed shops along the way. The sleeping dogs definitely outnumbered people on the street that time of day. We talked about walking farther in the opposite direction to see if we'd missed anything, but decided to just cut our losses and head back to Bucerias.

La Cruz Zocalo

Climbing back up the hill towards the highway to catch the bus, we noticed the town centerpiece, the Cross of Huanacaxtle.

After a short bus ride, we were back in Bucerias is less than 15 minutes, just in time for lunch at Sweet Things, some lounger time in the sun at the pool, and my daily seaglass hunt.

Once you've been there, then you know! Let sleeping dogs lie.

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Moongrl722 said...

Pretty boats. Looks like you made the right choice! Good to know, huh?