Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beach Day!

When people ask me what I find to do on a tiny little island for extended periods of time, I usually just respond with 'a lot of nothing'. Well yesterday, I truly did do almost nothing other than a trip into town for a little bit of breakfast. It looks like today will be more of the same, but I vow to at least go into town tonight for dinner! Last night I had a carryout salad and it wasn't too tastey.

The day before this last El Norte began, Tuesday, was a glorious beach day. Thankfully I took advantage of it! My bones have gotten too old to do a towel throw down in the sand, so I headed to the area in front of Ixchel where I can usually get a good deal on a single umbrella and lounger. The guy with the pretty pastel striped umbrellas wanted 100 pesos for a single lounger and umbrella and wasn't budging (Papa Leydi's), so I wandered on down to Chimbo's, the much dreaded former purveyor of the late night sound blaster. Sure enough, Chimbo's offered a deal of 40 pesos for a single lounger and umbrella and that price was just right for me since I only spend a few hours at the beach.

As my handy beach helper was digging the hole next to my lounger for my umbrella, the French woman next door threw an angry fit that my umbrella might cast shade onto her territory. God forbid! The man from Chimbo's quickly demonstrated to her that any shadow would be cast over me and not inhibit her ability to acquire melanoma. Later on, as she was flicking her cigarette ash on me, I contemplated throwing my own little French fit, but decided against it.

After a few hours of reading my novel and basking in the warm sun, I wandered on down Playa Norte to have a look. The sand seems to be doing well, especially in the area of NaBalam. I decided if this weather ever improves, I'll head to the Avalon Cove next trip because the water felt a little warmer there.

The pretty striped sombrillas.

I see this guy pushing his Tuggui cart down the airport strip every morning on his way to Playa Norte, where he drags it up and down through the sand. This has to be one of the hardest jobs on the island!

Finally got my toes in the sand pic for 2011! Don't look close because the pedicure and toes are battered!

This wide expanse in front of NaBalam is a vast improvement since my last trip. I noticed they're rebuilding their beach restaurant, and there's now plenty of room to walk past it without wading in the water.

The beds in front of Maria del Mar. I noticed the new Buho's palapa is doing a lot of business!

House on the Rocks

My favorite view of Avalon Cove.

For the last two days, the view from my room has reminded me of the Oregon Coast! Cool and cloudy. The only boat I've noticed passing out front the past few days was a cruise ship in the wee hours. I did walk down this morning and pick up a few pieces of seaglass. I hope it warms up over the weekend so I can go to the beach a couple of times, but if not, I'll just continue to enjoy the view and sound of the waves from the room. After all, I have warm weather and sun in Phoenix, but I don't have the ocean!


Jana said...

Becky, I would really appreciate it if you would do some sort of Sun Dance and get the island all warm and sunny for my arrival. Don't fall down, tho. If you do, please throw a little French fit. I like that phrase!

Doris said...

Wow....that's the best that I've seen NaBalam since 2003! That year there was a huge sand spit but I haven't seen much sand there since. Good news!

And I agree with Jana...I like that phrase!

Jana...can you warm it up for me?!

Life's a Beach! said...

I think the sun will come out tomorrow? At least that's what I heard yesterday! : ) It's these damn El Nortes! I haven't looked on the weather map, but I assume the Southern U.S. is probably getting hit? Oh well. In another Phoenix month, I'd die for this weather!

Ann said...

We are so close to NaBalam & I haven't made it there yet! We are relaxing almost too much! ( is that possible?) Finding lots of glass, but few shells.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I've been so lazy with my infinity view the last two days, I'm afraid I'll get bed sores!

drgeo said...

Oh, the sun will come out tomorrow!
Bet your bottom dollar
There'll be sun.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You'll love it!
It's only a day

Life's a Beach! said...

That's my theme song drgeo!