Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Yelapa Photos

Ahhhhhh. Back home again to my world with WiFi, cablevision, and toilets that flush paper. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep without the mosquito net and the worry about what might crawl in the window. Last night, the entire village of Yelapa sounded like Chimbo's times five. No wonder the owners suggested bringing ear plugs! Loud blaring Mexican music dueled with American rock tunes from a live band at the Yacht Club. Craig and I were so exhausted from a day of fishing and hiking that we fell asleep early in spite of the noise and woke up around midnight to fireworks in the sky. Mexicans sure know how to party!

I'm not even sure how or where to start with tales from this trip, but I'll post a few photos of Yelapa until I can wrap my mind around it. It was quite an adventure and we loved every minute of it, but I'm glad to be back!

The boat trip to Yelapa.

It looks like calm seas, but it was more like an amusement park ride last Wednesday.

Horses instead of cars!

View of Yelapa Bay

The main town bridge.

Love his hat!

Town church.

Looking down on the bay.

Soccer ball planters.

Bench at the town dock.

Pareos on the way to the town waterfall.


Isla Deb said...

Great photos...can't wait to see more. It looks pretty "rustic"! Now the big question...would you go back?

Vee said...

Welcome back, Becky. I'm looking foward to hearing about your adventures!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Vee! Deb, I think we would go back, but not frequently like we go to Isla. And I don't think I'd be quite comfortable traveling there solo at this point in time. It's perfectly safe as far as the wonderful people who live there, but a little too lonely. When we do go back, we'll stay in one of the rentals with sliding doors and windows on the water. As you know from traveling to Isla, given the right situation, there are prowlers. We had no problems, but were told by people who live there that it does happen. I didn't really sleep soundly the entire time, but I'll admit to doing that on Isla once when I stayed by myself on ground floor out on the airport strip. (But at least I had a slider that locked there.) We kept everything in a locking bodega which was basically a concrete box with a heavy wooden lid and heavy padlock on it. In some ways, it reminded me of Isla, but it was more rustic and less sophisticated. With the exception of Saturday night, the village was extremely quiet in the evening with just a few restaurants open. For us, Isla is probably more the right speed.

Katalina said...

SO glad you had a good time, Beck! And no awful encounters of the human or insect variety! As always, your photos are fabulous - I really looked forward to that - seeing "my" village through your lens. Lovely!!

So sorry we couldn't get together, and phooey if I'm not still sick!?

Look forward eagerly to reading what else you have to say on the subject of Yelapa!!