Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Behind Bars!

Santa could end up in jail this year and not make it to our house unless the situation improves quickly. I'm in such a fog now, I can't remember what's been posted here and what I've shared on Facebook, but the travel bug has finally truly got me!

Shortly after returning from Mexico, I flew to Kansas City to see my mother who has been in and out of the hospital and not doing too well. In the seat next to me, a woman claimed to have a carrot caught in her throat and coughed the entire trip. Where the carrot came from would be a puzzle to me since carrots, of course, were not served on the plane! I don't need to elaborate on the rest of the story because I'm sure you can write it. The flight home didn't help matters at all!

My left ear started throbbing last night, so I think I'll head over to one of those quick clinics today and try to score some heavy duty meds. Last year, I waited too long and ended up in the emergency room, so let's not have a repeat of THAT on Christmas!

Maybe I can pull this off and still manage to get some last minute cards in the mail and a few presents under the tree. And we MUST have turkey and dressing for Christmas Day because Craig and I ate seafood on Turkey Day!

By the way, I found Santa behind bars in Bucerias. Poor thing. He spreads toys and joy throughout the world and ends up in the slammer in Mexico! Must have been too much te-qui-la!


jeanie said...

My FB status was "Thanks to FB I know 23 people who are sick in 3 Mexican states, 5 US states and 3 provinces" Beck you not only made it added 3 states. Feel better my friend!

Life's a Beach! said...

Jeanie, glad to help out when I can! HA! I think it must be the Christmas funk and/or too much travel on planes.

drgeo111 said...

Maybe your ear wouldn't hurt so much if you just stopped listening to the barking dog version of Jingle Bells?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling bad - I can certainly relate. Hope you feel better soon!

I love your photo of Santa - poor thing :)


Laurie Matherne said...

Sorry to hear of a string of unforunate events in your life. And Santa behind bars. What a shame.