Sunday, December 12, 2010

San Sebastion Cemetery

Yesterday, I left sunny Phoenix and arrived in cold snowy Kansas City. Brrrrrrrrr. I haven't experienced this kind of frigid air for a few years, but the snow's pretty if you're on the inside looking out! Hopefully, I'll see the Plaza lights before I return to Phoenix on Wednesday and take a few photos.

We took a strange turn on the way to the beach on our Puerto Vallarta trip. I've always had a fascination with the way Mexicans honor their dead, probably because their cemeteries are so colorful compared to grey graveyards here in the United States. So our guide Gustavo took us to the San Sebastion cemetery after we'd toured the town. It was a lonely place next to a pasture with bulls. Fortunately, the bulls were contained on the other side of barbed wire, so I took a stroll.

Old wooden gates guard the cemetery.

Lots of angels.

The resting place of a young man.

And something a little disturbing -- an open grave. I asked Gustavo to explain, but it was lost in translation. The hole was open with vegetation growing in the bottom. From his explanation, it sounded like some bodies were buried below, but it was being kept open until it was filled up? In other words, multiple members of a family would be buried there. Craig said maybe it was just a grave that had been dug, never used, and memorials from other graves had blown into it. Don't know, but it was a very eerie feeling.


Ann said...

Interesting story! Has the storm in the upper mid west made it down to KS? Hopefully it will disapate before arriving on the east coast!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, it snowed late afternoon and last night, but I got into Kansas City before it started. It wasn't nearly as bad here as the upper Midwest, but it's very cold! Especially to someone from Arizona!