Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Flan! The Flan!

The name of the place with THE flan in Yelapa is Tacos y Mas, and it is definitely mas!

We had read Tacos y Mas was one of the good places to eat in Yelapa, but I kept mistaking it for a small loncheria type place at one of the main intersections in the village and the atmosphere and lack of customers just didn't do much for me. So the restaurant wasn't on our short list of places to eat while we were there.

We finally passed the real Tacos y Mas one afternoon when we were wandering lost in the village (for the umpteenth time). Friendly workers setting up for the evening yelled out to see if we'd be returning later to eat. It looked good, so we decided to try it that night!

Once again, on our way to the restaurant that evening, we got lost. One wrong turn and we realized we were heading up a path out of the village to the town waterfall. When we turned around, the little guy known to us as Yelapa's one boy welcome wagon again appeared out of nowhere and said, "Are you looking for Tacos y Mas? I will show you!" Add mind reader to his talents since I'm still wondering how he knew where we were trying to wander? He ran ahead, leading us around a corner, on up the path, and around another corner to the restaurant. He dropped us off, disappearing as quickly as he had appeared.

I'm so glad we found Tacos y Mas that evening. The food IS so much more than tacos!

Note the nights they're open. We unfortunately didn't discover the place until Friday and they were closed Saturday, our last night in Yelapa. Otherwise, we would have eaten there again!

Craig loved the panko scallops with homemade tartar sauce.

The bartender said he makes the best margaritas in Yelapa. I didn't try one, so I can't certify that fact, but I can definitely say Tacos y Mas has great food and some of the friendliest waiters in Yelapa!

Instead of a margarita, Craig ordered a Noche Buena. That's Dos Equis' seasonal Christmas beer!

I ordered the panko-breaded shrimp and it was wonderful!

Our waiter encouraged us to try the flan because he said it was the best in Yelapa! And I can attest to that claim! In fact, I would have to say it's the best flan I've had in Mexico! It was much creamier and sweeter than the traditional Mexican flan. (And that's probably why we loved it!)


jeanie said...

OMG That looks yummy!!!

Vee said...

Love flan! We're fortunate to have a great flan maker at a neighborhood restaurant. Think I'll have some soon!

Ann said...

Flan is my favorite! That looks great!

Nancy said...

Yum, that flan does look fantastic. And wow, what a lot of scallops! It all looks great.