Monday, May 18, 2009

Jacaranda and the Myrtle Incident

Another Jacaranda?

Why did I not plant one of these trees? I keep seeing them and they are so beautiful. I think this is a smaller jacaranda. I love the mimosa style greenery, and the blooms almost look like wisteria! I planted a crepe myrtle in my front yard. Actually, the landscaper did, and he got the wrong variety. It was supposed to have deep purple blooms and leaves with a darker green deeper texture. Oh well. Maybe I'll dig that sucker up and plant a jacaranda!

Crepe Myrtle

This tree always reminds me of the 'Myrtle' incident. My mother had an aunt named Myrtle. As a teenager, that was kind of an embarrassing name. I don't know why, but it didn't exactly sound trendy. (I apologize to all the Myrtle's out there reading my blog.) Anyway, one time we were shopping in the metropolis (Joplin, MO) about 40 miles from our tiny hometown. I was really self-conscious just because I was in the big city after all (not to mention I was at that awkward age). I always remember feeling like a duck out of water whenever we were in anyplace larger -- more sophisticated. Can't get much more sophisticated than Joplin after all! We were walking down the main street when suddenly, my mother started screaming MYRTLE, AUNT MYRTLE repeatedly. She had spotted her aunt (a woman I barely knew) about a block away. My brother and I both tried to hit the pavement. I think we actually ducked around a corner to get away from the embarrassment of it all. She just wouldn't stop yelling MYRTLE!


Bennie said...

Wow if Joplin was the big city you were in a small Kansas Town. I LOVE the Jacaranda tree. How pretty.

Life's a Beach! said...

Bennie, my little hometown, Oswego, Kansas, had about 2000 people. So Joplin was HUGE! Quite cosmopolitan!