Thursday, May 14, 2009

Backyard Botannicals

My Mother's Day present finally arrived and I needed to try it out. So I went out in the backyard tonight. I finally upgraded cameras a bit. Still a simple point and shoot, but a great improvement in the mega pixels department. My old camera had been acting up since our last trip to Isla. Maybe a little bit of sand? Anyway, the next step will be to actually open the manual and read it!

Radiation Lantana

Torchglow Bouganvillea


And not really a flower, but I had to try the camera out on Saby!


Jamqueen said...

Great photos--what camera did you get? Enjoy it!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I got another Kodak. A 14 megapixel with a bunch of other stuff on it. I really need to read the manual!

jeanie said...

Every time I see Saby's sweet face I Laugh Out Loud and Frank thinks I'm nuts. He's right but I keep thinking of Saby as an elf and dancing. LOL

Scottozoid said...

Another one of my old sayings
"when in doubt, read the owners manual"

I like the images out of the new camera

And Saby is soooo cute!!! (remember, this unsolicited praise comes from a totally biased cat person)

thanks Beck!

Bennie said...

Wow 14 MP. I love the pic of the dog. She looks happy.

Life's a Beach! said...

I'll try to get acquainted with the camera this weekend and improve the quality of my photos! Maybe I'll talk Craig into getting out of the neighborhood!