Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Evening Update!

I was sitting at home this morning catching a little computer time after my workout at the gym. The phone rang and I decided to screen it -- mainly because Craig's jobhunting and I like to have an intact message for him in case the call is important. Anyway, listening to the message, it was a reporter wanting to interview him. Fox News Channel. She had seen him quoted in a Reuter's online article. What the HECK? I'd answered a call yesterday morning from a man who identified himself as a reporter, but it was a name I recognized as someone he'd met at a networking meeting. So I didn't think much about it. I quickly googled Craig and a list of articles (all the same) popped up. The original article dated back to February 13. But everytime I google him now, more articles come up! Reuters. Yahoo. The Macon Daily. Arab Times (I'm not joking!). It's everywhere, it's everywhere! Anyway, here's a link.

By the way, Craig expressed some views that weren't included in the article. We both think any mortgage relief should come from the government subsidizing lower interest rate loans through the banks. In other words, people still owe the full amount of their mortgage. Neither of us believe the government should be involved in the lowering of the principal for people who are upside down in their homes. For example, if they owe $300,000 and their home's only worth $200,000 right now -- that's life. Many Americans are in that same boat. Maybe part of the relief could include a restructing of the rates and the length of the loan term (from say 30 to 40 years) so the payments are more affordable. Buying down the amount of the loan would create a totally unequal playing field when it comes to resale. As would providing a subsidy payment directly to people to help them make mortgage payments.

By the time Craig got home to return the Fox News reporter's call, he was old news. (Actually quite old since it was out there on February 13. I guess one should google their name frequently?) And not being on Fox is a relief. Tee hee.

But at least Craig had his 15 minutes of fame.

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