Saturday, January 9, 2016

Some Parting Pics

It's moving day.  Moving home that is! 

You know it's time to leave when the microscopic ants are taking over.  I opened a bathroom drawer where I keep toothpaste this morning and it was swarming with those teeeny tiny see through ants.  

It's nothing unusual.  Before we flew to Roatan, I was still killing tiny little bugs that have inhabited my Nook since our last tropical trip in July.  They crawl out when the glow screen comes on.

Living up this hill seems to have had a positive effect on us.  I pulled out a pair of crop pants to wear on the flight home and I'm swimming in them.   The pounds will return, but living a rigorous walk or a $10 cab ride from the closest little tienda seems to have trimmed a tiny bit of fat. 

I've so enjoyed my hammock time on the screened balcony this trip, but I bet I'd get a big fat fine slapped on so quickly if I hung one of these on my patio out back in Arizona.  They'd say it was distracting to golfers on the course?

This little one stop stand at the main traffic rounder in West End by the Coconut Tree (I like saying that) sells papayas, coconuts, mangos, flip flops, miniature wooden boats, carved wooden bowls, and religion all on two tables.  Look carefully and you'll see the vendor.

It's winter here on the island with overnight low's dipping into the mid-70's, so every girl needs some sleeves.  For us, the cooler nights have been a godsend since we're living with nothing but sea breezes and fans to cool us at night. 

With no A/C humming, we wake to the sound of the macaws from Gumbalimba Park flying over the macaws in the cage at the neighbor's compound below.  The cage free Gumbalimba's are mocking our enslaved neighbors saying -- Ha ha!  We're free, you're not!  The two gangs rumble early every morning and again at 5:10 p.m. every evening.  We know we've stayed too long when we're charting macaw behavior!

I'll miss the mobile fruit and veggie stands.  Craig bought four bananas the other night with a Honduran 10 lempira bill.  While the 10 spot looks impressive, it's worth about 50 cents.  We're trying to unload the remaining cash before we leave.  Hopefully the airport will have a snack stand!

We're going to miss Roatan!  How many times do you walk down the street at home and see this?  I think that's the spider monkeys my friends.  I just remember the guide on the boat in Belize saying -- Careful!  De spider monkey might bite! -- so I choose to just take a photo of someone else holding them!

I'd better get busy because a tiny little woman with bright purple hair arrives at noon in a beat up cab to drive us to Roatan International.  Cheers, and we'll see you on the other side!

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