Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Be Careful What You Wish For . . .

Craig and I just commented to each other on Saturday that we really wouldn't mind seeing a little more rain before we leave because it's been hot and sunny for the past two weeks.

We must be fools.  What's the old adage?  Be careful what you wish for? 

We were thinking maybe a few hours at night or a morning rain delay, but we got torrential rain that began yesterday morning and really hasn't let up.  After eating crackers and cheese for lunch yesterday and ordering pizza again last night (because it's the only restaurant that delivers on the west end of the island), we were both suffering from cabin fever and pizza overdose this morning.

We lounged around trying to enjoying the roar of the waves breaking over the reef below and the rain pounding on the roof, but we'd had it by 11 a.m.  We decided we wouldn't melt and if needed, could slide down the steep slick hill on our butts to get out of here.  We donned raincoats and headed to West Bay.

We made it to town slightly drenched and decided quickly to head for the the Hangover Hut before all the dry seats disappeared.   We walked the beach on the route to the restaurant and felt sorry for all the people off cruise ships who would see Roatan at its worst today.

They'll return home with a memory of a gloomy island where the rain never stops.  The bay looked grey and one lone boat was parked where there normally would have been a huge flotilla waiting to taxi crowds to West End for shopping and snorkelers out to the reef. 
The shore was full of sargasso today, something we haven't seen here during the past month.  Resorts were raking it as it landed and wheel barrowing it to these trucks to haul away.  If the sun's out tomorrow, the beach will be clean and beautiful for the five shiploads of people in port.  (And we'll be hanging elsewhere!)
Some diehards were trying to tough it out at the beach huddled under the palms or umbrellas in the rain hoping for clear skies.
We ran for the restaurant because we knew the squall was coming from the cold wind blowing in off the beach.  Shortly after ordering a hamburger and fries, the sky began dumping buckets.  For hours.  (And it's still pouring at 10:30 p.m.!)
We thoroughly enjoyed our three hours in West Bay sitting at our perch in the diner.  Cruisers with yellow armbands wandered about with no Plan B shivering under wet beach towels wading through the large grey stream running down the sand road.

Aren't these umbrellas gorgeous?  All the locals seem to carry them.
We spent an hour and a half under the tin roof waiting for a break in the rain that never came.  Finally we decided to test fate and wade through the huge puddle at the end of the road.  The waiter showed us the back way to the West Bay Mall (a small little strip mall with a few stores, deli, and a coffee shop), but it involved walking through a field of high grass (probably full of mosquitos and ticks).
We chose the well-traveled road and went in up to the ankles, something I avoid like the plague in countries with less developed infrastructure.  I took a long shower when we finally got home and gave the walking sandals a good rinse.
While waiting for a taxi, the fruit/vegetable truck pulled up.  He evidently makes scheduled stops on certain days because there were quite a few people waiting to make purchases.  Now I know (since we're leaving Saturday).
We waited under an awning until a man approached Craig to ask if we needed a ride.  He drove an unmarked taxi which probably means he has to be low key about soliciting fares because he's not licensed or a member of the cab union?  Don't know, but he was an extremely polite safe driver and the only cab we saw on a rainy day!
Guess what we had for dinner tonight?  LOL  Leftover pizza really comes in handy.
Hopefully the rain ends soon!


Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Finally getting caught up on my favorite blogs and see that you're in Roatan! I hope you like it as much as we do. And yes, the rain in Roatan is fierce at times. At least the roads are somewhat improved in West End. They were dirt for years!

Life's a Beach! said...

Lynda, we're staying at Villa Delfin in the Seaview Apartment up top! We leave Saturday. It's been quite a month!