Monday, January 18, 2016

Drive By Shootings

Sometimes bloggers take desperate measures for ratings.  This would be one of those.  LOL

Seriously, I normally am able to walk through areas where the locals live on vacation, but on Roatan, the logistics weren't right.  It was a minimum $25 cab ride to get to those places, so all my shots of daily scenes in places we couldn't walk to were from a speeding taxi.  Hence the title Drive By Shootings.

These photos were taken the day we hired a driver to take us on an island tour.  Big Daddy (one of many Big Daddy's) was supposed to drive us on the tour, but he sent his son Junior.  Junior was nice enough, but had no experience being a tour guide.  Next time we visit Roatan, I'll hire a professional guide who specializes in island tours.  Lesson learned!

Junior never slowed down between official stops, so excuse the blur.  Many were shot through a dirty car window because Junior also liked his A/C.  Sometimes one can work wonders with editing programs!

Christianity is thriving on Roatan.  As Junior told us, Everyone goes to church on Sunday!  (Except Junior.  It was Sunday morning!)  But seriously, I love this photo!

Here's another man who's not in church, but he's minding the pulperia.  He may also be guarding his clothesline if he heard the serial clothesline shooter's on the island.  I asked Junior what a pulperia was and he said a mini-mart.  The official definition says it's a rural grocery store which may also function as a drinking establishment, so we may have missed a bar!

Some of these photos of quaint brightly colored homes were shot as we passed through French Harbor, the second largest town on the island and home to most of the fishing trade.  It's about mid-way down the island on the eastern windward side.

This fence and home are still dressed for Christmas.  Slow down Junior!
Coca-Cola has a large presence on the island (just like everyplace we've visited in Mexico and Central America.)  I'm assuming diabetes is also off the charts here.
This guy is staring at his cellphone.  The Third World is like everyplace else when it comes to smartphones.  I like the Jesus Saves juxtaposed against the No Fumar at the gas station.
I'd like to buy the world a Coke, but I think they already have one.  But seriously, I guess rum and Coke go together and Cuba Libre's are very popular on the island.
 I know.  Enough already! 
Mom and daughter walking down the main street in Coxen Hole.
Next trip I vow to walk some of these areas so I can take more photos.   There are collectivo vans that can be taken from the West End area to Coxen Hole for a fraction of a cab price.

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