Saturday, March 14, 2015

Playa Norte Postcards

People often ask what the best beach is on Isla Mujeres.  Playa Norte's not the only beach on the island, but it's the longest stretch of sand with the calmest water and a choice of services at different beach clubs.  For a Saturday treat, I'm posting Playa Norte postcards from our recent January/February trip.

My favorite entrance to Playa Norte is located in between the two Ixchel condo towers at the northern end of Hidalgo.  I always take multiple shots of these guys in the FeliPez beach rental hut, and the guy in the chair always performs his bunny ears for me.  Someday I need to introduce myself!

The Maria del Mar entrance to Playa Norte.

A shot of the Ixchel beach from up above.

This photo is Fenix Beach Club across from the new Mia at the eastern end of Playa Norte.  I've heard they'll be moving.  The palapas in the distance are in front of NaBalam Hotel.  The area below on the other side of the bridge next to Fenix was formerly known as the Avalon Cove.

The bridge now leads to the new Mia Reef Hotel.

The famous House on the Rocks (privately owned by a local family) sits on the edge of the reef that forms the entrance to the cove.

The beach in between Tarzan's and Maria del Mar shown here had seaweed at the shoreline deposited by a recent Norte.  Loungers in this area can be rented from a concession, or you can bring your own chair or towel!

The Chimbo's entrance at the end of Guerrero.

What's SUP?

The western tip of Playa Norte can be reached by walking straight down Medina past Privilege Aluxes.  One day we were sitting on Juarez with friends and a woman said -- The beach is gone!!!  This portion of beach is experiencing serious erosion.  The entire area between the shoreline and the black whales in the water was sand in June 2014.

Waves lapping at Chi Chi's palapa.

Here's a nostalgic glimpse of the remains of Sergio's Playa del Sol.  A new beach club's been rumored here for years.


Hannibal said...

First time I visit your Blog. Very good photos.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thank you Hannibal!

Jill Goss said...

We are headed to Isla Mujeres for the day next week. Which beach club would you recommend, one that is seaweed free in particular. I'm wondering if these north beaches are getting the sargassum and we need a western beach. Any advise would be appreciated.