Friday, March 27, 2015

Go Eat!

I have no clue how I managed to eat all this and more and not need an extender belt when I waddled onto the plane in Cancun in February!  

Fresh as opposed to frozen fish seems to be a hard commodity to come by on the island now.  That makes me sad.  I'm almost afraid to order fish anywhere unless I know they actually buy fresh as opposed to purchasing a bag of frozen basa (pescado from Asia) at Chedraui. I quizzed the waiter at Bally Hoo and what I got was fresh, wonderful, and cooked in garlic.

The shrimp tacos are my lunchtime favorites at Bally Hoo.  I douse them with their tamarindo sauce.

The Chicken Poblano Quesadilla at the Mango Cafe is a must eat every trip.  Yum!

One night when we weren't incredibly hungry, we stopped at a new place around the corner from Mama Rosa's -- Pico de Gallo Tacqueria.  I can't remember what the name of this tortilla/pork/pineapple bit of goodness was, but I'd return for it!

Dopi's has been one of our favorites for years and everyone likes it now!  They make the most amazing gourmet quesadillas and burritos!  This photo does not do it justice, but my favorite is the chicken quesadilla in curry sauce.  Dopi's is also known for their steak.  Next trip!

Pizza at Mama Rosa's is another of our fallback favorites!  We like the mushroom and Italian sausage.

We usually end up lunching at Vivian's Qubano at least two times a week.  Craig's favorites are her sliders and Hungarian potatoes.  I didn't get a photo this trip, but my first love is Vivian's Salad with the fried goat cheese croutons.

Barlito's Cool Breeze is one of my favorite breakfasts on Isla Mujeres.

Barlito also has great nachos.  We ordered them during one of the NFL playoff games.

Barlito's shrimp basket (tempura type batter) was amazing!  I didn't get a photo, but Craig's grouper fish and chips were the best we've had on the island.  Fresh grouper!

We were strolling past Bobo's on one of our last mornings and decided to try his famous sausage/egg breakfast biscuit!  Oh my!  It certainly beats the McDonald's variety with a big stick!

Green Verde out Medina north of Kash Keken Chuc is also a favorite.  Craig likes the steak burrito, but I can never resist the mole enchilada sampler pictured above.

Last but certainly more important, I've discovered my love for Mojitos.  They're amazing at Varadero.  (In the neighborhood behind the jr. high off Medina.)  Add guac and chips and it's an early dinner.

 Recently while Craig was trapped in Phoenix on federal jury duty, we discovered Blanco Tacos.  I ordered the chicken enchiladas.  Oh my.  And the street corn was the best side I've ever put in my mouth.  Oh dear.  There's one in Tucson.  Maybe tomorrow's lunch?

Meanwhile the diner at home sits empty waiting for me to get off my rear and cook.  I'd feel guilty, but I'm having WAY too much fun!


Linda said...

All looks sooo delicious! Can hardly wait!

Life's a Beach! said...

Lots of new places we didn't even get to try! Out by the Mango there's a new barbacoa place and also Caribbean Brisa's. Still haven't tried Abuelo's. Next trip!

Diane Daniel said...

Unfortunately the new Barbacoa place is already out of business! It only lasted a couple of months. Not really sure why.